Tower of Owls

Project Info: Tower of Owls

Tower of Owls is a unique little game that came about from trying to build something else. Many of my interesting things do. I was working with a certain mechanic, and I noticed that the physics engine in Unity 3D would keep these spheres stacked on top of each other if I dropped them straight down with no velocity or anything else on them.

While the game started out as just spheres, and then spheres with faces, owls were very popular at the time I was working on it (several years ago), and I decided to make some simple owls in 3D. I've improved them a few times since then, and even had an in-game skin/paint editor for them at one point (though that's not in any version of the game currently). The hats were a new addition in 2018, but I love it and think it adds a lot more personality.

Gameplay on this one is still in a place that I'm not happy with. It works, but it's exceptionally hard, even for me. It's gone through several iterations, and will probably go through several more before I release it. As it is now, a simple tap drops an owl onto the tower. But if you move your finger at all when it's touching the screen, that tap adds velocity to the owl. And it's easy to break the tower and they all come falling down, losing their hats in the process.

Project Details

  • Unity 3D Game
  • Coming to iOS/Android in 2019
  • Game Programming by Greg Dunn (me)
  • Graphics by Greg Dunn (me)
  • Sound design by Chris Jolley
  • Additional sounds from AudioJungle demo